Mesin Hitachi Blower RB24EA Hitachi

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Deskripsi Produk Blower 23.9cc Hitachi RB24EA :

Blower 23.9cc Hitachi RB24EA

Features :
New PureFire engine
Model RB24EAP meets U.S.(EPA PHASE3) and European(STAGE2) emission standards
Displacement 23.9mL(cc)
Max Air Volume : 12.5m3/min
Compact in comparison with this type of our blowers

Specifications :
Displacement 23.9mL(cc)
Max Power 0.89kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 520mL
Air Volume 12.5m3/min
Air Velocity 76m/sec
Dimensions(L x W x H) 354 x 205 x 335mm
Dry Weight 3.9kg
Blower 23.9cc Hitachi RB24EA

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